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About us

Our highly satisfied owners of apartments are our best brand ambassadors. Within our sector, we are growing at a fast pace to meet the ever increasing demand of our prospective buyers.

Who we are

Italian Real Estate & Development Ltd. (IRDL), a dynamic real estate development company, powered by energetic group of people was incorporated on January 2007 under the legal authorities of Bangladesh. It is also an active member of  Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB). Efficient & highly equipped professional including top level engineers and outstanding architects offer the best under the flag of Italian Real Estate & Development Ltd. to connect your living dream with reality. 

Several landmark projects have characterized Italian Real Estate & Development Ltd. with standard of beauty, luxury of living, commitment and delivery of unparalleled quality of work. Innovation and exploration has enabled IRDL to assure highest client satisfaction without compromising to the standard and sanity of the outcome. 

What we do

Your dreams are converted into highly quality, luxurious dwelling reality within affordable budget by Italian Real Estate & Development Ltd.

We focus on quality rather than quantity to deliver the utmost living experience as well as land development experience for your valuable properties. Adherence to commitment and operating within the guideline of RAJUK and Bangladesh National Building Code entitles us to deliver the best living places in significant locations of the city with prime customer satisfaction.

Safety of our workers and Safety of the people living there afterwards remain top priority in our preparation to encounter the natural calamities and accidents. Each brick of your home is measured, built and associated with love, care, ability and inquest of our ever achieving team.

All efforts of IRDL team are put together to prioritize client's’ interest and long term safety and thus achieve the goal of providing high quality lifestyle for the people


1. Enable people to achieve high standard living quality and lifestyle.
2. Maintain outstanding and committed service to extend client satisfaction.
3. Lead the industry in innovation and quality.
4. Minimize adverse effect of urbanization on environment and maximize green living. 
5. Provide most valuable, reliable and desirable real estate solution with uncompromised integrity. 
6. Expand affordable, high quality living solution throughout the country. 


Italian Real Estate & Development Ltd. renders significant role in bridging your living dreams with reality. With zero tolerance about commitments and zero compromise in quality. IRDL continues to maximize client satisfaction. Each project completed with high quality material, top notch finishing , safe living space filled with smiling satisfied clients are cherished as land mark of success for Italian Real Estate & Development Ltd. and constructs the steps for being the most trusted brand in the business.