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The process of doing a joint venture agreement with a real estate developer in Bangladesh is a very delicate one. This is because the landowner hands over his most valuable asset to the developer on good faith.

At IRED, we treat landowners like business partners. We have a specialized customer service team that also tends to them. To make the landowner’s experience with us the smoothest, we have created step-by-step rundown of how to do a joint venture project in real estate development with IRED. The process includes procedures like signing the Deed of Agreement and giving the Power of Attorney, soil tests, sharing and approval of plans, mutation of documents, and more.

These bureaucratic procedures can be very tedious but at bti we endeavor to make these processes as smooth and stress free as possible as our expert business development and logistics teams deal with bureaucracies that are inevitable. We also make sure that the deal between the landowner is as fair as possible, keeping the landowner’s perspective and goals in mind. We hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as we enjoy giving you service.